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About us

About Us

Quality insurance at better prices. It’s our motto at Express 1 Auto Insurance, and no matter what insurance product you’re looking for, we’re here to give you the best choices on the market as well as the best level of service you can imagine.

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A Simple Goal

Thousands of people are shopping for all kinds of insurance today, whether it’s life insurance, property insurance, health insurance, or something as simple as the state’s minimum level of car insurance. We’re working to make that process far easier. We offer a wide range of insurance products to help make sure you’re covered in the event of any emergency or unforeseen occurrence. What’s more, though, is that we make it easier than ever to shop for that coverage, giving you the peace of mind you need right away.

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It’s time to get insurance the way you want it. With great rates on almost every kind of policy available, here you’ll find fantastic prices, better policies, and the level of service you want most. Contact us now or get started by completing our free quote form to begin learning just how easy obtaining the insurance you need can be.

Call Us: +1 888 721 2511